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I give presentations, inspiration sessions, workshops and training about the inspirational world of Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency) and Blockchain. Both to individuals and companies.



Through my practical experience and study on cryptocurrency, I believe that Bitcoin and Blockchain are innovations that will fundamentally influence our lives. We will notice this by our environment becoming interactive, the changing way in which we deal with value and possessions and by being approached in a direct and personal way. Also by people and companies that we do not know. Life becomes more digital, interactive, personal and easier. Bitcoin and Blockchain will play an important role here. However, every progress also brings limitations. Privacy will become a luxury which we will protect stronly. In short, an intriguing world with many possibilities, pitfalls and social interaction.


What people say about me

We asked Stefan to take the employees of KPN Consulting into the world of Bitcoins. I recommend a presentation from Stefan to everyone. It’s full of energy, brought with humor and flair and he gave us a glimpse into the latest trends and developments in the world of Bitcoins.
— J. Miao - KPN Consulting
Stefan has given a presentation about Bitcoin and Blockchain to a large and diverse audience. With a clear presentation, sharing experiences and examples, it was an extremely interesting evening. Thanks to Stefan’s deep professional knowledge combined with his strong communicative and presentation skills, he succeeded in inspiring the people. In short, we can wholeheartedly recommend Stefan!
— Ronald Westra - Microsoft
Stefan recently gave a presentation to KPN colleagues on innovation in Bitcoin and Blockchain, and their impact on society and the financial services sector. Besides the fact that Stefan is a pleasant and flexible person to work with, his speech was very inspiring, entertaining and eye-opening on the effect these technologies will have on us citizens and the financial services sector.
— J. van Dongen - KPN Consulting


I am Stefan

I'm an insurance professional with more than 20 years experience in financial services, in various roles and responsibilities. Currently I am responsible for the Customer Centric program as an advisor to Achmea's Board of Directors. In addition, I am a member of the Think Tank Innovation & Trust, mentor of a Schluss start-up which focuses on privacy and I teach at various educational institutions, including the NCOI and the NIBE / SVV. It motivates in my work to translate complex strategic visions into everyday practice and to create value for customers.


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